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Austin Bomber Identified

On the early morning of Wednesday, March 21st, Mark Anthony Conditt—the primary suspect in the wave of bombings terrorizing Austin, Texas—killed himself. Police at the scene described his death as occurring from an explosion inside Conditt’s car, mildly injuring at least one officer. This bomb was detonated just before dawn on the side of Interstate 35 in Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin.

Police believe that Mark Anthony Conditt was responsible for five explosions, killing two people and injuring another five in and around Austin, Texas beginning on March 2nd. Austin police and the FBI tracked Conditt to a hotel parking lot in Round Rock; they found him inside his vehicle, but wanted to wait for tactical units to arrive before engaging the suspect. Conditt began to drive away, eventually stopping on the side of Interstate 35. As Austin SWAT officers approached, he detonated a bomb within the care, killing himself and knocking one officer backward.

Shortly after this explosion, a SWAT officer fired at the suspect, who died inside the vehicle. Currently, it is unclear whether the suspect died from explosion or gunfire; Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said that the suspect sustained “significant” injuries in the blast. Conditt was identified using receipts, internet searches, witness sketches, and surveillance video of an area FedEx store.

Though Conditt’s death may assuage the fears of many Austin residents, there is no information regarding how the suspect spent his last 24 hours. Police do not yet understand the suspect’s motivations for the bombings, though an investigation is still underway. Additional bombs may exist throughout the Austin metropolitan area, and it is advised that all residents remain on high-alert. If you see a suspicious package, please contact the authorities.

Sources: CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post

Know Your News Source: The New Republic

Founded in 1914, The New Republic was created as a progressive opinion journal. They promote novel solutions for modern critical issues, providing breaking news coverage, opinion pieces, and facilitating news-related and political debates. The New Republic, since the publication’s outset, has attempted to achieve a balance between humanitarian progressivism and intellectual scientism; the magazine has undergone several political shifts, ultimately landing on a left-leaning liberal voice.

Within America, The New Republic takes a largely modern liberal stance on both fiscal and social issues. According to Franklin Foer, a former editor, the publication invented the modern usage of the term, “liberal,” and one of the magazine’s greatest contributions is the facilitating of an ongoing conversation of what it means to be liberal. In recent decades, the magazine has covered a range of important social and political developments—everything from the Earned Income Tax Credit program to universal health care. Editors and writers have, historically, fought verbally against ideas such as supply-side economics and neoliberalism.

The New Republic, however, does not only cover issues traditionally viewed as liberal. Editors of the publication understand the need for ongoing dialogue, believing strongly in the power of dialectic inquiry. To that end, the magazine staffs several conservative writers in an attempt to localize political debate and social conversation.

The New Republic utilizes ambitious journalism, trenchant argument, and innovative storytelling to inspire the next generation of decision makers through conversations in print and online. Notable contributors have existed throughout the publication’s existence. They include: W.E.B. Du Bois, Thomas Mann, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, Philip Roth, Camille Paglia, Hanna Rosin, James Wood, and Joseph Stiglitz, among others.

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