Originally founded in 2007 by John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei from The Washington Post, Politico has grown to attract tens of millions of unique visitors to its sites each month. Notable journalist Mike Allen was the company’s first hire and a chief contributor for much of the publication’s history. Known early on for always having video cameras while covering political campaigns and for having their journalists promote their work on other platforms, Politico eventually become more acclaimed for its long-form stories and news analysis. While readership and revenues continue to grow, there are signs of internal discord. Co-founder VandeHei and Allen announced that they would leave Politico following the 2016 presidential election. Allbritton was named the new CEO in Vandehei’s stead, before the investment banker Patrick Steel eventually took over as CEO.

Politico emphasizes scoops and investigative journalism, while maintaining a higher level of production and content than other similar publications. It brought an aggressive style to journalism, while endeavoring to cover serious topics of the day. At different times, Politico has been accused of having a conservative bias and a liberal bias, in large part due to its wide-ranging contributors and political topics. This approach was only accelerated when, in 2013, the news organization hired Susan Glasser to bring in more opinions from “prominent outside voices” and more “long-form storytelling.”

Indeed, one of our favorite parts about Politico is that it offers platforms for both short-form and long-form journalism. Been out of the loop for a while and looking to catch up on current events? Check out the main news website for Politico. Looking to do a deep-dive into a topic of personal or professional interest? Check out Politico Magazine for more of these long-form storytelling pieces.

The Magazine also has a bimonthly print edition, while Politico has a print newspaper in DC and Manhattan while a circulation of around 30,000 readers. By comparison, the website sees roughly 26 million visitors each month.