A recent vote within Utah’s Senate saw its entire female population, six women, leave the chamber in disgust and abstaining from voting on a bill regarding the topic of abortion. Despite their absence, the bill, requiring a woman be shown an ultrasound before being allowed to pursue an abortion, passed. 
Republican Senator Deidre Henderson made the spontaneous decision to address the press regarding the walkout. She regarded this decision as an attempt to underscore how troublingly invasive such a piece of legislation is. Frustratingly, the piece of legislation that direct affecting women would have had no different a turnout had these six senators, two of whom are Republicans, remained to cast a vote. Even with the absence of any female voting and five Republican men voting against it, the bill passed 16-7. 
Henderson clarified that despite opposed abortion, the ultrasound stipulation is too far. Specifically, the bill demands women view images and hear a fetal heartbeat prior to being allowed to abort. While women already get ultrasounds before pursuing abortion, this bill would fine doctors $100,000 or more for failing to abort without showing the patient the ultrasound. 
Republican Senator Curtis Bramble, the bill’s sponsor, hand-waved concerns by suggesting women look away from the photos and not listen to the heartbeat. He believes anyone looking to take a child’s life should have all the information available. 
Prior to the vote, Henderson amended the bill with a prohibition against invasive transvaginal ultrasounds. The bill now heads back to the House for approval of the amended bill. Three medical groups have asked Republican Governor Gary Herbert to veto the bill. 
Democratic Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne remarked how sad it was for the six women to tell their personal stories while opposing the bill yet no man deemed the bill too invasive.