Journalism has a strong purpose, especially in modern day. The philosophy behind reporting on news in this fashion is to give as much information about current events to inform the average person of what is going on around them. However, journalists are not always ethical and unbiased, so it is important to know what the motives and philosophy that different sources of journalism will abide by; this is the way to finding the true information, or at least the ones that pertain to your needs. 
One source of journalism that many people turn to, Reason, started as a libertarian magazine in 1968 and has now grown to a website as well. The self-proclaimed philosophy of Reason is to deliver information on current events that is unbiased and catered toward the listeners and readers of their sources, but how true is this?  
Upon flipping through their website, they do seem to report on news that any political party could read. Their approach to journalism is one that simply raises a question and debates within the articles on what points are valid and what points are not. First glancing across the available articles, there is no slander or anger towards any one person or party, which could bring relief to the general public to retrieve information from the same unbiased source. Reason claims to “exist outside of the left/right echo chamber”, stated on their website, and this is very true. Many people fight against each other over news sources and opinions, but coming together and reading properly reported journalism like Reason could help people become informed without worrying about who is reporting what. 
Although it can be nice to listen to journalism that caters to your own needs, if you are wishing to hear points from people, not parties, then a journalism source such as Reason would be a great option.