The increasing usage of technology has opened the world to many productive programs; unfortunately, this also leads the general public to gain access to potentially dangerous software as well. One such software is facial recognition technology. Some areas in the United States have not given much of an opinion on the dangers of facial recognition, and some states are quite the opposite. The Portland, Oregon city council is planning on hosting a public meeting next month to discuss the idea of banning the technology. This ban will block the usage of facial recognition by not only private companies but the government as well. 
The benefits of facial recognition leave some to wonder why it should be banned at all. After all, Detroit has banned it for all uses except for investigation violent crimes and home invasions. Although facial recognition technology seems like something used in old sci-fi movies, it is in fact a real thing now, and a potential danger to society. Many are afraid that utilizing it goes against traditional American values and makes the country seem less free. 
The danger of this technology lies in the privacy of citizens. In order for facial recognition to work, it must store crucial data. Other bio-metric scanning technology is included in this worry, as storing your fingerprints is quite scary to some. To enter some buildings, you may have to have your fingerprints and your face scanned, thus the data being stored somewhere. This extremely complex and controversial issue will most likely ultimately be decided on at the federal level. However, by introducing concerns through local means, the issues will be addressed and decided on quicker. With the growing use of technology, if not banned or only used with set restrictions, it will only grow to become more complicated. Hopefully the conference in Portland, Oregon will shed some light on what is going to happen next.