Salon is a news and opinion website. Over the past two and a half decades, Salon has been a top tier driver in national conversations. The journalism firm has been fearless in presenting news through video and text. News distributed by the firm can be received through Salon, social media, mobile apps and other platforms. Salon has provided its audience with award-winning content with the firm gaining more than 10 million monthly visitors.  

David Tablot is the founder of this firm that covers a wide range of topics. Tablot, who is interested in US Politics, has incorporated current and cultural events to the website. Chris Richmond is the current CEO and together with Drew Schoentrup, they Co-Own the media giant.  

In the United States, Salon is one of the first digital media outlets. The firm prides itself in innovation, storytelling and community engagement. Additionally, they are also experts at providing advertising solutions. Due to revenue generated from advertising, their content is freely offered at the website. However, for readers who want an ad-free experience, there is a monthly subscription option.  

Salon believes in providing their audience with laudable support. Besides, they have produced top-notch journalists over the years. The journalists believe in truth and accuracy. Although the firm has been controversial, Salon ensures that they always get the facts right. Further, the firm has proven itself as independent. As a media giant, they have always lacked special interests or information that may insinuate conflict of interest.  

Accountability is a requirement in responsible journalism. Salon has always been responsible for errors which have been committed. Moreover, they have always addressed the concerns of their audience. Although they cannot change the perception of the readers, the firm has continually provided remedies.  

Salon is a smart tabloid. They have a widespread audience with versatile topics. The variety of voices, conversations and discussions have made the news provider smarter in reaching the audience.