Keeping up with the news is important; whether you like to read, watch, or listen making yourself into an informed citizen is an excellent way to understand the world around you. Thinking critically about current and historical events helps develop opinions and a personality. But, in the era of clickbait and fake news, where do you turn? Where hath the old newsroom gone?

Our news site’s function is slightly different than that of a standard news website. We provide quick, easy, and succinct summaries of new and breaking news stories. However, for each article, we post a range of sources from which we have taken our information; this allows our readers to fact check their own reading, nearly eliminating the possibility of misreporting a story. Furthermore, the links and sources we utilize represent a broad range of the American political spectrum—you’ll find liberal, conservative, and moderate publications and newspapers in our sources.

In addition to covering ongoing news stories, we seek to spotlight alternative or “under-the-radar” news and commentary sites. Again, these sites are meant to represent the broad range of American political interests; you’ll find everything from left-leaning political commentary to libertarian and anti-government articles. Our goal is to create and facilitate a news source representative of the American peoples’ broad range of political views.